MYSTERY Cape or Vest


Pick your theme, or allow me to make a true mystery!!

If choosing Christmas please know that the vest/cape may not be to you before December 25th.

These are made in the order they are received.  I do take into consideration your personality as well as colors you standardly use.  I have some themes listed that I have base digitizing done for.  They can, and ultimately will be, altered to reflect you and your pup!!

All capes and vests will come equipped with black zippered pockets, with the exception of super small panels (9-12 panel sizes).  I will be viewing your Instagram profiles to view your aesthetic and base my designs off you individually.  I will allow for you to choose ONE color you absolutely do not want on your vest/cape.  Both vests and capes are embroidered on waterproof canvas.  I do not and will not utilize faux leather on the top of the vests and/or capes.

All items will be open straps with 1 inch black plastic buckle and 1 inch black webbing to allow for a variety of girth size. Please allow a half inch +/- of inserted panel length.

If you have a harness that you have previously purchased that you’d like me to match please let me know!! I am happy to do that for y’all!

All vests and capes will be fully direct embroidery.  I will not be doing patches for these so please do not ask.

Vests will also come equipped with two d rings for you to attach a pull strap or snap tabs to.

Capes will be velcro attachments for a seamless attachment to a harness, SOLD SEPERATELY.  I do not make convertible capes for this sale.  please do not ask.

All capes and vests are backed with faux leather.  I do try and match the colors when choosing a backing faux leather but cannot guarantee an exact match as the faux leather and canvas very rarely match identically.

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